Independent Claims Consultants

About us

The Directors founded C&S Associates in 1995 following a variety of claims management roles within the industry, spanning 20 years.



Positioned as a niche service provider, we support the claims industry in the endless pursuit of controlling and reducing cost, be it in general handling of third party claims or more specifically focused at bodily injury and credit hire.  We work to meaningful expectations and deliver on promises.

Our traditional but proven values ensure that we maintain the highest standards allowing us to reduce costs without compromising on quality.  It serves everyone’s interest to be proactive and pragmatic, and our pay on completion pricing model reflects that approach.  

We continue to draw inspiration from valued feedback.

Our reputation for quality remains a cornerstone upon which our business thrives. 

How can we help ?

If you would like to know how we can help you or have any questions, please call us on

01329 282956


Successful partnerships collectively offer more together than they can individually.
Directors, C&S Associates