Independent Claims Consultants

C&S Associates

C&S Associates is the core third party claims handling division with our optimum blend of skill sets supporting Motor, EL and PL claims.

Innovative solutions ensure effective outcome, whether the claim involves third party property damage, credit hire or bodily injury, we work ‘with the client for the client’, with a focus on reducing cost and adding value.

C&S Associates offer:-

 Third party property damage claims handling

  • Inclusive handling of associated credit hire claims
  • Disputed liability claims

 Managing third party credit hire

  • Tremendously agile and skilled response to intervened credit hire to help control and reduce expenditure
  • Results driven management
  • Please contact us for more information on the key benefits

Third party bodily injury claims handling

  • MOJ Portal claims (pre-action protocol for low value personal injury claims)
  • Complex claims falling outside of the pre-action protocol
  • Catastrophic loss
  • Disputed liability claims
  • Associated third party property damage claims including credit hire
  • Key stage fraud detection and prevention
  • Innovative pricing solutions


How can we help ?

If you would like to know how we can help you or have any questions, please call us on

01329 282956


As in life, the same is true in business - successful partnership can only be created once you have found the right partner.
Directors, C&S Associates