Independent Claims Consultants

Tailored solutions

As a specialist service provider, C&S offer a range of services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

We will provide your business with additional, flexible capacity, focused expertise, and satisfying results.

We can provide:

  • One-off claims handling capacity where an immediate solution is required
  • Contracted capacity as part of strategic long-term planning
  • Performance based legal costs negotiation services
  • Claimant representation as part of third party intervention

Our organisational agility means we can meet your needs within days, responding quickly to any change in activity levels. We have a flexible infrastructure and approach which allows us to handle your business in a way which suits you enabling us to embrace your philosophy, systems and supply chain where necessary.

We work alongside:

  • Insurers
  • Medical agencies
  • Accident repair companies
  • Credit hire organisations
  • Fleet management
  • Large corporates

 Whatever your business requirements, we are happy to talk to you in exploring appropriate solutions.

How can we help ?

If you would like to know how we can help you or have any questions, please call us on

01329 282956

As in life, the same is true in business - successful partnership can only be created once you have found the right partner.
Directors, C&S Associates