Independent Claims Consultants

Working with you

Our experience allows us to work in close partnership so that every stage of our handling reflects the clients own business acumen.

This takes into consideration:-

  • Technology – we can use the client’s own IT applications or have this run alongside our own infrastructure
  • Supply chain management – we can use our client’s own supply chain or we can nominate suppliers
  • Management information – we have our own comprehensive suite of recorded management information or can operate using our client’s own claims application
  • SLA’s – once the client defines their requirements, together we can decide meaningful service level reporting measures including the detail and frequency of reporting

Each client has its own nominated C&S account manager, supported by a dedicated team to manage the case load. We believe in the benefits of file ownership, we therefore create teams allocating work, based upon skill set and complexity. All staff are selected for their blend of knowledge and expertise.

Our flexible resource and approach ensures we work as an extension of the client’s own operation. We believe that an open and transparent relationship fosters confidence in our services.

Our strict handling disciplines ensure consistent high standards and include:-

  • Zero leakage aspiration
  • Broad supervisory and management overlap
  • Regular training and supervision
  • Rigorous authorisation and payment procedures
  • Internal audit practice
  • Reserve accuracy and consistency

How can we help ?

If you would like to know how we can help you or have any questions, please call us on

01329 282956


Successful partners will normally share the same values, the same principles and empathise with the others point of view, problems and concerns.
Directors, C&S Associates